What We Believe

If you are familiar with post modern theology you may have some insight as to what we believe.

Here’s what we do NOT believe:

  • We do not believe in a supernatural god who will someday return to force “his” rule/kingdom on all, or whose angels will destroy any who do not believe in the right formula or creedal description of “his” beingness.
  • We do not believe the Holy Ground of Being is a respecter of persons that favors any nation, person or religious tradition over another.
  • We do not believe the Mystery of Being/God is even a “he” or “she,” but rather . . .

Here’s what we DO believe:

  • God is a verb constantly creating.
  • We do believe that God is Spirit and must be worshiped in truth and in spirit.
  • We do believe that the accounts we have of Jesus can reveal to us God’s nature and divine love for all of humanity.
  • We do believe that God’s house is in and all around us, that we “live and move and have our being” in God, but that God is also wholly other.
  • We do believe that if practiced with faith, the way of Jesus the Christ (Jesus, anointed by the Holy Spirit) is a powerful spiritual journey we can all undertake, helping us to “die” to our old self and to be “raised” as being truly identified by the same Holy Spirit that called Jesus into the wilderness.
  • We believe that this journey leads us to the “mountain top” experience of the prophets that transforms and calls us to then bring others on the journey to be truly identified as a child of God. We too can experience the ecstasy of being in communion with the divine.
  • We believe that being in communion with the Holy One empowers us as a person and a congregation to help make this world a better place by bringing justice and equity to all, fostering peace between the nations, feeding and providing for the needs of the less fortunate while lifting them into full inclusion in the house of the Holy One, and giving them the tools to use the gifts they were born with for the benefit of all…that they too, with us, might live their lives filled with power and meaning.
  • We believe that we cannot earn God’s love, which is freely given, but that faith without works is no faith at all. Ultimately, we encourage you to believe what you will, while remembering that divine love for all is the law upon which all our beliefs and efforts hang.