About Us


We are a new church plant responding to and promoting a postmodern reading of scripture and theology. That is, we read scripture using critical and historical analysis while also presenting ideas and viewpoints expressed in extra canonical writings concerning Jesus, such as the “Gospel of Thomas.” We consider ourselves part of a new movement in the Christian community, here in the West, which is being referred to as the “Emerging Church.” Some are calling a kind of “New Reformation,” which remains to be seen. This will depend on the progress of the movement. As such, we do not bind ourselves to any creeds that tend to limit the limitless Mystery we refer to as God – who is Transcendent and beyond the ability to be inscribed by words. Even so, we must talk about the Holy Movement from which existence springs, believing that there is purpose and meaning. Join us, “Come and See,” “Emerge” with us.

We are small at this time, but there is a lot of enthusiasm and excitement that we believe will help us to grow…even significantly. Many people have left the church for various reasons and many call themselves, “Nones” and many are spiritual but not religious…we offer all a place to be both, spiritual and religious, and encourage all to bring their thinking caps, as we are to love God with all our of our being – including our minds.

We do not believe God creates anyone to be excluded from divine communion. One of the biggest social issues in our society today concerns the LGBT community. We too are concerned and are welcome and affirming as a voice on their/your behalf.

Though we are not big enough yet, we want to grow enough to make a difference for those in need in our community and to promote and back the major justice issues of today in a way that we feel reflects the teachings of the One called Christ.

We are associated with the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Church of Christ who believes that “God is still speaking.” We gather to listen, to grow and to respond.